A Guide to Oaxaca’s Nightlife

Oaxaca is not only known for its rich culture and endless options for restaurants and shops, but it is also widely known for its lively nightlife. There are many bars spread out in the many neighborhoods of Oaxaca, and below are the ones you simply must experience.

Los Portales

Los Portales is located within the heart of Oaxaca, and it is popular amongst tourists and locals. The bar offers a taste of nightlife with mezcal, beers, and toasted grasshoppers for guests to enjoy.

The Barracuda

The Barracuda is a great place for tourists as it features burgers, live rock music, and beers. The walls are filled with portraits of rock and roll greats, and it is a scene you must experience. The bar is small and intimate, with many different options for drinks and food. With the many promotions the Barracuda offers, it’s one of the more affordable bar options in Oaxaca.

Bar IIegal

Open until 2:00 a.m. and full of a mixture of drink options, this bar surprisingly has a low-key atmosphere. It has some of the cheapest drinks in Oaxaca and offers local live music.

In Situ

In Situ is one of the best bars in Oaxaca for drinking mezcal. The bar offers rows and rows of choices, and some of the mezcals are from the rarest of agave plants. The bar is easily a favorite amongst both locals and tourists of Oaxaca, and the owner of the bar is highly knowledgeable in mezcal. Beyond this popular drink, In Situ offers beers and cocktails as well. It sits outside of the main tourist zone but still gives a taste of Oaxaca nightlife. In Situ has tastings and mezcal-related events fairly regularly.


An establishment overlooking the Church of Santo Domingo, Praga is located in the Santo Domingo neighborhood. Praga offers delicious food and great service, and it is a must-try destination for its tasteful wine, great music, and its beautiful surroundings. It’s ranked number 15 out of 47 bars in Oaxaca, and it sits at rank 116 out of 531 restaurants in Oaxaca. It truly is a great choice.

La Tentacion

The party at La Tentacion starts past midnight, and locals love it for its relaxed and formal setting. Bands play along the balcony, treating the occupants of the bar to some of the best music. Salsa dancing is one of the more common forms of dance you’ll witness at La Tentacion, and the bar has plenty of seating areas.

The bar also has a long list of drinks and provides snacks and appetizers. It also offers promotions a few nights a week.


This is one of the more popular bars in the Oaxaca nightlife scene. It’s very close to Centro, and when bar hopping, it is one of the places you must stop by. There’s a DJ that plays all types of sounds, even reggae, and hip hop, and the bar has a rustic feel.

Whether you choose to snuggle into one of its many nooks and crannies or head for the rooftop, you’re going to enjoy yourself at Txalaparta. It’s also a short distance away from some of the best places to stay in Oaxaca, like Hotel Casantica.

La Cantinita

Located on the street of Macedonio Alcalá, la Cantinita is considered one of the best nightclubs in Oaxaca, Mexico. The club offers promotions on Thursdays and features live music most days of the week.

Sabina Sabe

Looking for traditional cocktails and colorful drinks? Sabina Sabe is the Oaxacan bar for you. It offers elegant and pricey drink options, and, yes, the bar specializes in mezcal-based blends. Sabina Sabe offers delicacies, like roasted cauliflower and ceviche, and even local foods like grasshopper taco.

Los Amantes

Los Amantes is a hole-in-the-wall bar that is cozy and fairly close to Centro. It’s a little on the unique side, with shelves full of strange and funky knick-knacks and a wide selection of mezcal. The setting is authentic, and it is a great bar to experience Oaxaca nightlife. Across the street from it is Los Amantes Hotel, one of the best hotels in Oaxaca city.

Is Oaxaca Safe During the Night?

Being a traveler in an unfamiliar place can be concerning, but Oaxaca at night is very safe; it’s one of the safest cities in the country. It has a relatively low crime rate, though pickpocketing does occur; like anywhere, you should remain cautious. Just as you would while at home, try not to flash money or jewelry around. When returning to your Oaxaca lodging at night, make sure not to walk alone and opt for a taxi.

If you’re looking for fun nightlife in Oaxaca, you won’t be disappointed. There are many different options in different neighborhoods to choose from, and they’re sure to be an establishment that fits your tastes. Oaxaca also offers some of the most unique lodging in Mexico.