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Are you a property owner or manager? Did you recently purchase property as an investment? Are you in the midst of designing a residential multi-unit? No matter the status of your property - large, small, new, or in need of a facelift - we work with owners and managers to increase their short-term cash flows and maximize long-term value while bringing in the highest quality clientele.

Working with HOLT

  • Choose your risk appetite
  • Co-investment in your property
  • The new age of Passive Income
Choose your risk appetite

Do you want a consistent rent check each month or do you want to participate in the upside of the short term rental market? HOLT works with owners and managers in each capacity, as either Master Lease holders or Short Term Property Managers.

Co-investment in your property

HOLT structures our partnership capital improvements into four levels of investment, from Category One - simply adding furniture to a recently renovated property - all the way to Category Four: Full renovation down to the studs.

The final project decision is ultimately the owner’s choice, and we provide the financial projections for each Category decision. No matter the chosen path, HOLT will work with local architects, designers and furnishing partners to turn your space into the best version of itself, whether you plan to spend more of your time there or none at all.

The new age of Passive Income

Simply signing 12-month tenant leases isn’t cutting it anymore. Costs of tenant search, screening and property management are up, as is the supply and rental choice for tenants of all demographics.

Increasingly, investors are discovering there’s too much hidden value in this core portfolio asset class. Ignoring the potential of your property will leave you falling behind in the race to increase your asset’s market value. Should you ever consider putting your property back to market, wouldn’t your asking price be improved by showing multiples more in revenue generated? We tend to think so!

Myths of Hosting
Short Term Rentals

Inconsistent cash flows

Quite the opposite! Many booking platforms actually pay in advance. Technology also allows us to price competitively for every length of stay, short to medium to long. Our professional local managers and global revenue management team make the hard calls for you on when to take short or long term stays, and the best price considering dozens of local and global factors.

Excessive wear and tear

While it’s true that the occasional guest doesn’t always treat rental spaces as they would their own home, with our on-ground team, each unit is brought back to mint condition between guest stays. No leaky faucets or clogged drains going unattended, and our party monitor technology keeps any serious issues from ever arising.

Unknown guests

We use hospitality-industry leading AI to screen all incoming guests, using internet databases to confirm IDs, credit cards and past potential problematic occurrences.

Management headache

Managing any building, short or long term, can lead to headaches for owners. Making decisions on fixes, handling tenant payments and figuring out the new industry technologies. Hand off all those headaches to us. Our seven years experience and over 55,000 nights booked gives us a leg up.

Elevated liability

We provide three-party insurance coverage, tailored for the short term rental business, through Superhog, a leading UK-based insurance provider. Guests, management and owners are all covered in this policy, and it provides a greater backstop to your existing homeowners insurance.

Greater Stress and less time

Let HOLT take the stress off your shoulders. Working with HOLT, you have one point of contact, one business making timely payments to you and 24/7 access to our operations team. Not only will you have more time to enjoy life or build your business, we will improve your lifestyle overall.

Successful Partnerships

Multi-million dollar renovation of historical landmark building in Bucharest, Romania


The new owner poured over €7 million into restoring a four story building in Old Town without a final plan on whether to make it a commercial or residential space. HOLT entered the project when the renovation was about half done.


Multi-million dollar renovation of historical landmark building in Bucharest, Romania

The partnership

HOLT took a master lease on the entire property and worked with existing contractors to build out the basement and ground level for retail or a restaurant. The top three floors were converted to apartahotel rooms, with the flexibility of renting individual studios or unlocking adjoining doors to make two- and three-bedroom suites


Multi-million dollar renovation of historical landmark building in Bucharest, Romania


HOLT’s first contactless hotel was born. The owner was happy with a fixed rent amount each month, knowing their newly finished asset would remain a jewel in their portfolio for years to come as a mixed-use commercial and residential space in the heart of Bucharest.


Co-investment in capital improvements alongside Villa owner in Oaxaca, MX


The owner of a sprawling villa near downtown Oaxaca was looking for a long-term tenant. A property that had been in the family for generations was showing its age, and no longer commanding the rate it should have. The owner didn’t have the free funds to fully rejuvenate the property.


Co-investment in capital improvements alongside Villa owner in Oaxaca, MX

The partnership

HOLT took a long-term master lease with an automatic renewal clause while making a capital investment in the property alongside the owner. HOLT brought in local architects, designers and contractors to restore the villa to its former glory.

Co-investment in capital improvements alongside Villa owner in Oaxaca, MX


La Villa Nora is now a must-stay property for any large group visiting this cultural mecca in the heart of Mexico. A family jewel is revived for the prideful owner and commanding an increased monthly cash flow.


Condominium purchase in historical landmark building, the home of Corneliu Coposu, in Bucharest, Romania


HOLT ownership spied an intriguing prospect: a condominium for sale in what was once the home of Corneliu Coposu, one of the “founders” of modern-day Romania.


Condominium purchase in historical landmark building, the home of Corneliu Coposu, in Bucharest, Romania

The partnership

Not only did HOLT buy the condominium in the building, they’ve taken a master lease on one other unit and are in the works for the third. Working through mountains of paperwork needed to renovate such a historical artifact, HOLT began work gutting and refreshing two homes and fully reviving the exterior facade and common areas of the building.

Condominium purchase in historical landmark building, the home of Corneliu Coposu, in Bucharest, Romania


Two gorgeous and timeless rental units are available for travelers from all over the world to visit. HOLT kept the classic feel of the building interior during renovations, and has plans to fully restore the facade.

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The HOLT Advantage

Attracting guests
  • Listings on all major booking sites
  • Placement on
  • Targeted digital marketing
  • Incredible listing photography
  • Custom copywriting
Managing the details
  • Dynamic pricing and occupancy data
  • 24/7 guest service
  • Pandemic-era cleaning guidelines
  • On-demand handymen and technicians
  • Stocking guest & owner-requested amenities
  • SmartLocks for easy access for any type of entrant
Taking care of you
  • Unlimited owner holds
  • No fixed contracts
  • Local staff in every market
  • Inspections and regular maintenance
  • AI guest screening
  • Monthly reporting
Going the extra mile
  • Architectural & Interior design services
  • Party-prevention monitors
  • Three-party insurance coverage
  • Guest & owner concierge
  • Each HOLT employee speaks at least two languages
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