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HOLT was bootstrapped from the ground up by a group of professionals, travelers, artists, chefs, teachers, and designers with one goal in mind: to bring the exquisite experience of Luxury Travel to everyone. What started in one city in 2013, has spread to three countries, and is growing. We work on the belief system that you’re our Guest the moment we first make contact, whether you find us online, message us on a booking channel, or finally make your first reservation at one of our amazing properties. You can reach someone on our team *by phone* any minute of any hour of any day of the year.


We at HOLT have seen everything there is to see in hospitality. Bet. When nothing can catch us off guard, you are in good hands. Lean on us for any and everything. Cars, tours, food, in-home chefs, you name it. And if we hit a rough patch? You are covered by a £1,000,000 bumper-to-bumper insurance policy.


Our properties are purchased or leased, designed, renovated, furnished and presented to you, the Guest, with your needs and desires in mind. Every last detail is considered, planned for and executed to make your stay with us as seamless yet elegant as possible.


At the end of the day, our team cares for you and your group. That's why we pick up the phone to talk to you personally. That's why our cleaning process is exacting. That's why we have 5 Star hotel bedding and towels. We work every day to make sure nothing ever matches your HOLT experience. Tell us what you need. We're only a call, text and email away.

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