Cleaning procedures

We here at HOLT have always taken cleaning to be one of the most important aspects of our business. Coordination of our cleaning team around arriving and departing Guests, making small fixes and repairs suggested by outgoing Guests, and presenting each property in mint condition each time a new Guest arrives – these are just a few of the incredibly important parts of what we do to maintain a luxury rental experience for our Guests. 

For laundry of bedding and towels, we use eco-friendly washing chemicals and providers. Pillows and mattresses are always provided with coverings. Any linen item no longer meeting our hotel-level requirements is donated or thrown out.

Even more, we’ve raised our standards since Covid presented itself to the world. We’ve increased the use of bacteria- and germ-killing chemical agents and all cleaners and workers continue to wear facemasks when on-site. 

While we don’t provide daily cleaning at most of our properties as a default, if you’d like a more frequent cleaning mid-stay, whether it’s a tidy up, or a full clean up, or just want extra bedding beyond what we have in the home, please don’t hesitate to ask.