Important Pre-arrival Documents

Prior to gaining access to our properties, even before getting arrival details, every HOLT guest must complete two electronic documents: a HOLT Rental Agreement and a rental insurance portal from Superhog.

First, the Rental Agreement is required by law in most countries in which we operate. While most hosts do not require one, HOLT follows the letter of the law in every sense. The HOLT Rental Agreement outlines the basics of your reservation – dates, group size, financials – as well as the requirements for conduct as a Guest on our property and our responsibilities as your host. This Rental Agreement is easily signed on any mobile or desktop device through a popular safe and secure website called HelloSign with the click of the link provided by HOLT.

Second, the rental insurance portal by Superhog, a specialized UK-based hospitality insurance provider. Again accessible via a link on your smart device or computer, Superhog asks you for your contact information, a photo of a government-issued ID and a selfie. It is totally free of charge, provides £2,000 of coverage to you as a guest for relocation in case anything goes wrong with our own property, and provides £1,000,000 of coverage for medical, damage and liability charges for all three parties (Guest, owner, operator). 

Both take about 5 minutes to complete, and are done so easily on your mobile phone. 

Why does HOLT require this additional insurance coverage?

In short, we need to protect our assets. HOLT is lending you a valuable asset for personal or commercial use for a period of time. We need to make sure that the asset is returned to us in the condition it was given. Regular homeowner or property or business insurance, which we also have, do not cover business damages for rental property activity. The same way hotels collect personal information and take credit card holds, or how rental car companies require damage coverage, we do the same for the same reasons. 

What do you do with my information?

No matter where you are coming from, or going to, Holt follows the strictest guidelines for personal data collection and privacy: EU GDPR regulation

We have never, and will never, share Guest personal information with outside third parties.