What we do

In one sentence, HOLT owns or takes commercial leases on all of our properties, redesigns them to best suit our Guests in each market, and then rents our properties on a short and medium-term basis to people like you. 

Pretty simple, right? In theory! Operating in the short-term rental space since 2013, we have an affinity for making sure our Guests enjoy their time with us, no matter the purpose. We have brought our years of experience, hard-learned lessons, mountains of Guest feedback, the best practices of our partners and competitors to bear on the outcome you see as a Guest. The communication, the presentation, the accommodation. All have been carefully built from scratch to match the expectations of the modern traveler. 

Will some of the things we ask for from our Guests seem new? Yes, it will. Will our Guests need to be a bit tech-savvy? Most times, it helps. But please know there is a method to all of our madness.

If you ever have any questions, concerns or just constructive criticism on what, how, why, when, where we are doing anything, we are all ears. We may both learn a thing or two.

If you’d like to work with HOLT as an owner or property developer, start off with an email to contact@helloholt.com.