What sets HOLT apart

We believe our strengths come in a few forms.

  1. Our availability: Very few hosts, or businesses for that matter, around the world, hotels included, can claim 24/7/365 phone availability. No matter what’s going on, you can always reach someone to talk to.
  2. Our attention to detail: Early on in our life as a business, we didn’t have the resources to execute rental properties exactly how we wanted. We dreamed and wrote and drew and planned for a day when we had full control over our places to make the type of changes we knew our Guests wanted. When that day came, we were ready. This is why we don’t “manage” property for other owners, and why we renovate each property we provide: we want everything perfect.
  3. Our care: We really do care that our Guests get exactly what they need out of their stay. Nothing fires us up more than good reviews and positive feedback from our Guests. There’s nothing more positive for our business than a happy Guest, so our interests are aligned!