Security, monitors and sensors

HOLT utilizes the newest smart technologies to ensure a safe and smooth arrival and stay at our properties.


Most of our properties contain building exterior and public common area security video cameras. We do not place any cameras or recording devices within our homes, only on building exteriors, hallways, and common spaces. Our video feeds are constantly monitored and reviewed in case any need arises. 

In some cases, we do have property and home alarm systems. 

Locks & Entry

For your arrival, and coming and going from our properties, we utilize WiFi-enabled smart locks from RemoteLock, the leading provider of commercial-grade hospitality locking hardware and software. Each Guest receives a unique code active for the length of their stay. No keys or check-in or check-out are required for your stays.

Party mitigation

Most of our Guests are incredible and take very good care of our homes and assets while they use them. But in the past, HOLT has experienced serious damage and misuse of our properties, putting in jeopardy our investments and upcoming Guests’ reservations. To mitigate these problems, we collect a certain amount of information from Guests prior to arrival. See our Help section about Important Pre-arrival Documents.

Primarily, we use Mînut Smart Home Monitors. These devices monitor for excess noise, elevated temperatures, and CO2 levels indicative of a party and other tell-tale signs like excess mobile devices and security concerns like glass breaks. These devices give us peace of mind that our property is in good hands. To reiterate, Mînut devices do not record or transmit recordings of any audio or video whatsoever. Please see their website for more information: