Working with Holt

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While we do own some of our properties, the majority of our business growth comes from securing long-term commercial-style leases directly with property owners and developers. 

We take five to ten-year leases on our properties, redesign, renovate and refurbish each property to optimize it for our Guests’ experience.


Individual Owners

Owners with one or only a few separate properties love working with HOLT for a few reasons. 

First, owners know their rent will get paid in full and on time. Even during the pandemic, HOLT kept current on all our rent payments, and didn’t let anyone go from our team due to travel shutdowns. If HOLT can survive 2020, and hit 2021 thriving, the future seems bright for our brand.

Second, each owner’s property, their asset, their family home, their first investment, will never look better than in the hands of HOLT. Whatever the significance of the property, HOLT must maintain the property in amazing condition for each incoming guest. That means no unattended leaks, loose tiles, creaky doors, cracking walls. We maintain our properties to the highest standards, because our Guests demand it.


Property Developers

Developers working on larger projects, such as housing communities or small to large apartment complexes also realize the benefits of having HOLT as their tenant.

HOLT is able to take a block, or even the entire building, of apartments or homes off the hands of the developers at once. We often work with developers in the final stages of their build or renovation to direct the final budget towards short term friendly touches, optimizing the experience for our Guests and the income for the developers.

Trying to avoid months and months of vacancy on new projects? Project is finishing at a weird time of year to attract buyers or renters? HOLT is there to solve that problem. We can pre-rent properties, so developers know they are occupied on the first days of property completion. 

Finally, with our unique Short Term Rental insurance coverage, provided by UK-based Guardhog, all properties are insured fully for damage and liability no matter what happens while HOLT is your tenant, enhancing your existing property insurance. 


See our Partnerships page for more color.