Check-in portal

At HOLT, we value your safety and privacy as much as we strive to ensuring you have a seamless experience as our guest. For this reason, we request that you complete two items before your arrival: a Rental Agreement setting forth the terms of your stay with HOLT, and an Insurance Coverage Portal covering our property for damages during your stay.

It might come as a surprise given your past experiences with vacation rentals through various OTAs (Airbnb, Expedia,, etc), but Rental Agreements are required by law in nearly every country in the world, and they are certainly required in the countries in which we operate. Our Rental Agreement is an important document that fills in the missing holes in the Terms & Conditions stated by most OTAs and covers both parties legally in various important scenarios.

Our England-based insurance provider is a digital trust platform that enables hosts and guests to confidently transact in the rental space. All personal information is encrypted and protected by strict GDPR laws to which all European firms must adhere. This ensures that all personal identifying information remains protected. HOLT does not store nor access the information you submit to the insurance provider, unless in cases where we must file a claim.

This insurance coverage provides our Guests many benefits, also protecting both parties in the event of damage to the property or HOLT assets during your stay and allows us to skip the usual request for a security deposit from guests. In addition, each reservation is covered up to £2,000.00 towards alternative accommodation in the event something unforeseen occurs to our property during your stay. You can read more directly on their website:

Both of these items take only 10 minutes to fully complete. You will begin to see documentation similar to this with future professional rental managers like HOLT, as they allow us the flexibility and confidence in our transaction to make the most of your stay with us.